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  • ENROLL YOUR STALLIONS Set your complete stallion roster at the beginning of the breeding season. You will be able to enter their published stud fees and create links directly to each stallion's web page.
  • LIST AVAILABLE SESSIONS When one of your enrolled stallions has an opening in his schedule, list it on You will only be able to list sessions up to three days in advance and we have a minimum sales price of $3,500. You will be able to customize your listings by setting the starting and ending times for each listing, the offer and reserve prices, the terms, minimum criteria for broodmares and specify any additional contracts, forms or requirements unique to your farm. You may list your stallions with fixed pricing or as a Dutch auction if you want to encourage buyers to act more quickly.
  • APPROVE PURCHASES When a Broodmare Manager purchases an available session, you will be notified immediately via email and text message. You will have the opportunity to review the broodmare's information and approve or deny the sale. If you do not approve the sale within 2 hours, it is automatically denied in order to allow the broodmare manager time to make other arrangements.
  • NO LISTING FEES We do not charge listing fees. So, there is no cost to you to advertise an available session. When a session is purchased and the terms of the contract are met, will receive a 5% commission, just like you would normally pay to a Broodmare Manager or agent.
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  • SEE STALLION LISTINGS If you have a mare that is ready to send to the breeding shed, but you're in need of a stallion, check the current listings on and see who is available for the job. You will be able to search the listings by stallion, farm, price and date.
  • PURCHASE AVAILABLE SESSIONS When you find a stallion that works with your mare, click the purchase button, enter your broodmare’s information and submit it to the Stallion Manager for approval. Once approved by the Stallion Manager, you’ll sign that farm’s proprietary contract and schedule your mare’s visit to the breeding shed as you normally would.
  • SET ALERTS Is there a stallion that you’ve been wanting to breed to, but can’t because his book is full? Set up an alert that will let you know via email and text message any time that stallion is listed on
  • EARN BONUSES Each breeding season, Broodmare Managers who book through will be eligible for bonuses. Bonuses are payable only on approved purchases after all contract terms are met and has received payment.
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Our Story
When a stallion was temporarily knocked out of service due to an injury at the height of the breeding season, a small breeder was sent scrambling to find another stallion to service her mare. Frantic phone calls and text messages were exchanged all over the Bluegrass until a suitable substitute was found. “Isn’t there a website where you can find out what stallions are available on a given day?” asked a friend. “No, but there should be!” responded the exasperated breeder. Now there is -  
Features provides a venue for stud farms in Kentucky to advertise stallions with a little slack in their schedules and local breeders an efficient way to get their mares serviced in a timely manner when plans change unexpectedly. A stallion with free time or a broodmare that has to wait until her next cycle represents lost revenue to their connections. is intended to augment the traditional stallion season sales process by instantly matching excess capacity with unanticipated need.
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